She won’t…

She won’t…

Love was all she craved for, Pain was all she got,
Every night with demons lying on her, she fought.
Not even one single night let her forget that she was sold.
Every night according to different buyer she was mould.
Yes, she has a name but ‘Prostitute’ was most well known.
And her job was to cry every night ‘The Fake moans’.

Yet another role the strong woman played, the mother of a daughter,
The society destined the 6 year old to be future ‘sex-worker’
But the fire inside the mother could burn the darkness prevailing outside,
That single mother was bringing up a lioness to lit the ‘Torch of Pride’.

To the world she may be a prostitute but the ferocious heart of a mother was ready to teach the world that she won’t let the monster attack her daughter, she won’t let her bear that pain every night, she won’t let the world decide her fate.

“She won’t let a prostitute’s daughter to be a Prostitute.”
She won’t…

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